On this day, 26 April 1975: Jinty

On this day, 26 April 1975: Jinty

Cover artwork: Mario Capaldi

On this day, 26 April 1975 … Hapless Katie Jinks – The Jinx from St Jonah’s – was the cover star of Jinty for almost every issue of the first eighteen months of the comic’s run. Her ‘daffy’ exploits are usually bright, colourful and full of action, and an attractive hook for readers. However, while there are usually two or three more stories with a humorous tone inside the comic, the majority have a more anxious or tragic feel to them.

This week in Tricia’s Tragedy, Tricia is haunted by unexpected encounters with her blind cousin Diana. The saga of Merry at Misery House continues as the secrets of Merry, having escaped the grim children’s home and found a benevolent potential foster family, are uncovered by the blackmailing butler Haig. Wednesday’s Child is a one-off story (part of a series following the virtues of the ‘Monday’s Child’ poem) about a woeful girl, Moira Martin, who misses her fisherman father at sea but its only when she stops feeling sorry for herself that she saves dad and his crew from shipwreck disaster.

Cinderella Smith finds Cindy living with two abusive elderly cousins. Flo Carroll gains further reason to try dissuading her twin brother Greg from pursuing a pop career in Face the Music, Flo! And Daddy’s Darling sees wealthy Lee Simons worrying that her father cares only about her and not for the two evacuee children living in their country mansion during the Blitz.

The Jinx from St Jonah’s: Mario Capaldi (artist)

Tricia’s Tragedy: Ana Rodriguez (artist)

Merry at Misery House: Terry Magee (writer)

Dora Dogsbody: Jose Casanovas (artist)

Wednesday’s Child:  creators unknown

Wednesday’s Child: creators unknown

Cinderella Smith: Trini Tinturé

Face the Music, Flo!: Jim Baikie (artist)

Daddy’s Darling: Phil Townsend (artist)

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