I am a collector of the IPC/Fleetway comics published in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s and this blog collects my memories of being a reader of these comics as a child, my observations as a collector today and an attempt to catalogue the comics from a fan’s perspective. Over time, I will try to index as many of the issues, stories, characters and their talented creators as I am able. This is mostly a nostalgic appreciation of wonderful storytelling, art and design, but I’m also searching for something more significant. For me and for so many others of my generation, these comics were our literature, our social media and our companions when the telly was switched off – I’m sure that they must have had some sort of impact on how we understood and related to the world both then and today.

At first I was writing mainly about my own experiences and memories of reading comics. In 2016 I started to write ‘On This Day’ posts, looking in detail at particular issues that bore the cover date of the day of the blog post (the cover date was usually the day that a comic went off-sale rather than the day it was published). The ‘On This Day’ posts will continue, alongside the ‘Story File’ posts, in which I’m attempting to give a mention to every serial published in an IPC comic during the 1970s and 1980s (I estimate somewhere between 1500 and 2000 serials, so I may never complete this one …).

Please follow me or say hello on Twitter or Facebook, and – if you like what you read – share the blog or individual posts on social media or elsewhere online. The copyright in the scans on this blog does not belong to me (most of it is now controlled by Rebellion). However, if you use one of the scans I’d appreciate a credit for having produced it in that form, and a link back to this blog. Thank you, and happy reading!

David Moloney (GNFAR)