On this day, 31 March 1979: Buster and Monster Fun

On this day, 31 March 1979: Buster and Monster Fun

Cover artwork: Rob Lee and Reg Parlett

On this day, 31 March 1979 … There seems to be a lot of fuss about super-heroes these days. I’ve never really got the super-hero thing: formulaic schtick that encourages kids to think that rather than draw on our own natural talents, gifts and resources, all the problems life throws at us will be solved by some unlikely character who, totally underserving, has been blessed with some supernatural gift, power or device. Seriously, what a pile of latex pants.


Anyway, here’s a great issue of Buster! Among this week’s fun-stars there’s all our usual favourites. Disappearing Trix, the girl with the power of instant invisibility. X-Ray Specs, the boy with the techno goggles that enable him to see through solid objects. The Leopard from Lime Street, the lad with, er, superhuman powers after being bitten by a radioactive leopard. Stan Still’s Stopwatch, the chap in a funny costume whose clock can halt the very flow of time itself. Faceache, who can transform into any ghastly nightmare creature with a scratch and a scrunge. Kid Gloves, the boy with magical flying mitts with a mind of their own. And Chalky, the schoolkid who can conjure life from the tip of a stick of charcoal.

Avengers better assemble, ‘cos Busters are gonna bust their shiny, super-powered butts.

Buster: Reg Parlett (artist)

Lennie the Loner: John Stokes (artist)

Disappearing Trix: Reg Parlett (artist)

X-Ray Specs: Mike Lacey (artist)

Mummy’s Boy: Norman Mansbridge (artist)

Ivor Lott and Tony Broke: Jim Crocker (artist)

Keen and Mustard: John Stokes (artist)

Elmer: Juan Rafart/Roy Wilson? (artist)

The Leopard from Lime Street: Mike Western (artist)

Stan Still’s Stopwatch: Arthur Martin/Reg Parlett? (artist)

Faceache: Ken Reid (artist)

Kid Gloves: Rob Lee (artist)

Chalky: Dick Millington (artist)

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